Common Signs of Gum Disease

Would you be able to spot the telltale signs of periodontal disease? 

Gum disease is a serious problem and one that occurs in nearly half of American adults age 30 and older, according to the CDC. Since gum disease can lead to gum recession, loose teeth, jawbone damage and even tooth loss, it’s important that you recognize the warning signs so you can turn to our Maitland, FL, dentist Dr. Juan Santos right away for proper and immediate care. 

What are the signs of gum disease? 

Unfortunately, symptoms are often subtle, especially in the earlier stages (known as gingivitis). Gingivitis occurs when there is inflammation of the gums due to bacteria buildup under the gum line. Some signs that you might have gingivitis include, 

  • Puffy, tender gums 
  • Gums that are swollen 
  • Red, inflamed gums (healthy gums are typically pink) 
  • Bleeding gums (this often occurs when brushing or flossing) 

Even if you don’t notice these symptoms, you still need to visit our Maitland, FL, family dentist twice a year for checkups and cleanings. It’s during these preventive visits that we are able to measure the gums to make sure there aren’t any pockets of infection. 

You would be surprised how many gum disease cases we see where the patient had no idea they even had it. That’s because it doesn’t often cause symptoms. So, if it’s been more than six months since your last cleaning, it’s time to come into our practice. Trust us; your gums will thank you. 

If gingivitis goes undetected, it will progress into full-blown gum disease (also referred to as periodontal disease). When this happens you may start to notice, 

  • Receding gums (teeth will suddenly appear longer than usual) 
  • Gaps between the teeth and gums 
  • Bad breath 
  • Loose teeth (in more advanced stages) 
  • Tooth loss (in more advanced stages) 

As you can see, you must not ignore those early warning signs, as this disease can cause some serious and irreparable damage to your smile. The sooner gum disease is treated the easier and faster it is to treat. Gingivitis can be reversed with proper at-home care and professional dental cleanings, so act fast! 

If you are noticing bleeding gums whenever you floss, or your gums just look a little different than normal, it’s worth it to schedule an evaluation with our Maitland, FL, general dentist. When it comes to your dental health it’s always better to be safe rather than sorry. To schedule an appointment with our team, call our office at (407) 644-2614.

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